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The Benefits of Choosing a Permanent Support Role

What does a permanent role look like for me? 

As a Disability Support Worker, the option of choosing to be a casual employee or a permanent employee can sometimes be hard to decide. With benefits to both types of employment, more people are choosing to become permanent employees as the best choice for stability and security. 

There are several advantages to becoming a permanent Disability Support Worker, but here are some keys ones to consider:

Our participants deserve it:

Trust takes time to build, and that trust is built through ongoing support & regular contact

Income Security:

Permanent employees are assigned on-going hours at their primary allocated site. This offers a consistent and predicable work schedule. While working a regular roster, you can still develop your skills and connections with other Scope services and fellow colleagues! Permanent employees at Scope can pick up additional shifts in addition to their assigned roster, up to full-time hours.

As the cost of living and competition for both rental and purchased properties continues to rise; permanent and ongoing work is considered more desirable and stable to potential landlords or finance companies.

Permanent employment allows you to plan regular activities outside of work because hours are more predictable.

Career Development:

Permanent employees are always regularly rostered at their primary allocated site, which allows you to develop long-term connections to Scope customers and managers while increasing your knowledge and experience. A proven track record can lead to career advancement. 

Accrued Leave:

Permanent employees accumulate entitlements such as paid parental and recreational (holiday) leave,  so you can plan ahead with ease. 

Salary Packaging:

As a permanent staff member, you can maximise your salary packaging benefits

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