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Putting your best foot forward for an interview

Putting your best foot forward for an interview

So you’ve been notified that you have been progressed through to interview. Fantastic! Here are a couple of things to keep in mind and to help you prepare:

Know your audience: 

Do research on Scope and the people you’re meeting with. Sometimes the smallest things like having studied at the same RTO or with mutual connections could be a way to build rapport with your interviewer. Remember, Scope is a values-based organisation so it’s important you have an understanding of what these values are and how they resonate with you.


Dress the part: 

Your favourite trackies or ripped jeans with your AC/DC t-shirt may make you feel comfortable and make you look super chill, but best to ditch the loungewear for the interview as it’s not always the best look for an interview. Showing that you’ve made an effort in your presentation can go a long way!


Lived experience:

Your face-to-face or virtual interview is an opportunity for you to expand further on your application as well as allow the panel to find out more about your knowledge and experience, therefore it is important to come prepared with concrete examples that will support your answers to the questions asked.  The STAR method is a great way to help you do this:

Situation: describe a situation you were in

Task: Tell them what you decided to do

Action: Describe what you actually did

Result: Tell them what happened as a result of your actions. You may be asked what you would do differently if the situation was to present itself again.


Create a strong first impression:

In addition to this, and most importantly, the panel want to assess whether you will be a right fit for the role so it’s always good to come to your interview with knowledge of our values and a positive attitude!